The Experience

What To Expect

You deserve a unique, tailored approach to your photos and that’s what we strive to present. Each shoot is special and unique. It is a collaboration between us to create magic.

My team and I will guide you through this process for a creative and fun experience as I capture your images.

How does the process work?

1. Fill out form

Please fill out our contact form here to begin the process. From there, we will contact you to confirm details and make arrangements to move forward.

2. Sign Contract

Once we have established the details and pricing, you will sign our contract and pay your deposit to secure your shoot.

3. Shooting Day

Before the actual shoot, we will walk you through the process and give you some tips to help the shoot go smoothly and maximize our time together.

After the shoot, you can take a break for lunch or coffee. When you return an hour later, I will have your images ready to reveal. We will narrow down the selection for your album and I will post your image gallery that same day so you can download, share and post your images.

4. Photos & Prints

Our premium albums are hand made in Portugal and will take 2-3 weeks to arrive.

Prints are available from our store and can be ordered directly there. Delivery times vary depending on the product.


How long does it take to get our photos delivered?

At Fire Dragon Photo, we provide Same-Day reveals, so that you will see your images the same day that we shoot. At that point, we will finalize your album choices. Your gallery will be available on that same day so that you can download, share or post on social media immediately.

The delivery of your album will vary depending on your choices. Our premium photo albums are produced in Portugal and will take 2-3 weeks for delivery. We use a variety of vendors in the United States, some with 48-hour turn-around.
We strive for prompt turnaround so that you can enjoy the fruits of our work together.
If for some reason, there is a delay, we will be sure to keep you informed. Please let us know in advance if you have any deadlines to be met.

Do you have anyone helping you?

Fire Dragon Photography is a growing team of creative professionals dedicated to giving you the most positive experience.

Currently our team consists of myself, Gloria, Lead Photographer; and Lexi, my Creative Assistant.

Do you work outside the Bay Area?

I love to travel and explore new locations. My home base is Oakland, California but I am open to shoots around the world. Contact me directly to discuss availability, logistics and costs.

What are the steps after we fill out the form?

Myself or someone from my team will contact you to get more information, confirm availability and ensure that we are a good match to collaborate.

We don't have a set date yet, can we still message you?

If you don’t have a specific date in mind we can work with you to find the right time for our shoot. We will also want to discuss your interests and expectations for the shoot.

Are the travel fees included in your packages?

All pricing is for local shoots in Oakland/San Francisco. Travel expenses for other locations should be discussed and is additional to our standard pricing.

How do I prepare for my session? I’m a little nervous about it!

Everything we do is built on trust: the key ingredient to getting the best photographs of your life!

That’s why we always start with our complimentary planning session where we can meet each other, and show you samples, discuss ideas, pricing, contracts, and get all your questions answered.

We can also chat over the phone or Zoom at your preference.

We want to understand how we can support you to have the most authentic experience possible, so we absolutely put that first when it comes to how we work. You will receive an intake session ahead of your first session with us, where we get to know you more about your background and deepen our understanding of what your dreams and fantasies are for these images we are co-creating.

We honor your trust and take it very seriously. We ask all our clients to arrive present in mind and body so we can really capture that essence in their images.

Please, remember, we have a lot of experience with this. It’s a big part of our skill set to make sure our clients feel not only comfortable but free and freaking fantastic!!

We will work together to make this happen. On our end, we create the space. We are thinking about lighting, structure, space, color, emotion, music, and timing. On your end, it’s all about authenticity. Just be yourself - that’s it. We may coach and direct you a little bit, but we do it together, so you are a big part of what’s happening, where you want to pose, and what kind of image you want to create. it’s really just getting into the flow together.

What if I don’t have any experience with modeling, posing, or “vamping”?

Even better! We don’t create super touched-up, unrealistic images of people. We love to convey the simple beauty that is the human body without all of those special effects or distorted images. We love the raw truth of the human form and don’t need anyone to hold their figure a certain way or look at the camera any certain way in order to capture the fire within. This is an image that will be born from the boldness you have to tell the truth about your desires, your image of yourself, your hidden characteristics, or your - er... controlling side.
And we will send you our 28-page Outfit and Posing Guide when you book your session to give you inspiration.

How do I prepare for the session as far as my skin, hair and nails?

I always tell clients that beautiful skin really starts with good sleep and plenty of hydration. So in the weeks prior to your session,start going to bed a little earlier than usual, if possible. Even just a little earlier than usual, a few days in a row, will be so relaxing and it will show on your face! Also, do stay fully hydrated (half your body weight in fluid oz per day is the standard, more if you’re exercising, in the days leading up to the photo session.

The morning of your session you'll want to arrive with your hair clean and dry and free of makeup. A little moisturizer is fine, but that’s about it.

If you need a touch up with your roots or highlights you'll want to plan accordingly, and a trip to the nail salon for a mani/pedi with a neutral color is ideal. As for the big question about waxing. That's completely up to you. I have clients who shave or go full Brazilian. It's your choice. Just make sure that with waxing, you give some time for skin to recover, especially facial waxing, so that you don't have any redness on shoot day.

That all being said, typically some of those areas are in soft focus and I'm an EXPERT at Photoshop and I can take care of all the typical bumps.

I’m a plus-sized person. Is Boudoir for me?

Boudoir is for absolutely anyone who wants to express themselves in a Boudoir setting and vibe. We support and photograph bodies of all shapes, sizes, genders, gender expressions, and whatever feels like the most sexy self-expression for our client. All bodies are welcome!

Do I have to go completely nude in my images?

What you share of yourself in the images is entirely up to you. Some people want to be seductive, some want to be explicit, some want to be a little of both! You get to decide based on your level of comfort, and your desired outcome from the session. We are simply here to support your vision.

Do you have a studio or will you come to my home?

We invite you into our beautiful studio space in downtown Oakland, where you will be completely pampered and cared for. We prefer meeting our clients in person for a complimentary planning session, where we can discuss different options including wardrobe and makeup, different styles of shoot you are looking for, and take a look at our calendars to schedule your photo session.

Can I bring a friend with me?

Yes and no. You can have someone there when you arrive, and waiting for you outside the studio. We really want you to have your own experience in the session – unless you’re a couple and want to explore taking images together! We love working with couples.

But – a friend - watching the photo shoot on the side – no. We understand the impulse to have a friend there, but the truth of the matter is, no matter how supportive that person is in your life, as your photographer, we want all your attention on us – on our lens. So we prefer that you leave your friend on the outside of the studio.