Let's Work Together

Each person’s story is different and unique. I can't wait to hear yours!

We love to get to know everyone before their shoot!

From the first time we meet up at our studio in Oakland until the day of your photo shoot and reveal, we follow your lead. Whatever ideas you have in mind, we do whatever we can to make that happen with our experienced team with lighting, makeup, and wardrobe. We are here to give you a chance to shine a  light on a part of yourself that is longing to be seen, and our goal is to give you an experience of personal empowerment captured for all time in your Fire Dragon Photos.

BOUDOIR: an intimate portraiture and self-empowerment session

The Boudoir session is a place for you to be flirty, soft, coy, and slutty too if you want – it’s really up to you. The Boudoir session can be a good place to start if you’ve never done any sensual photographs before, or if you’re exploring a new expression of yourself or want to capture your hotness at this moment of your life for any reason at all!!!


The boudoir sessions are all about taking pride in your personal beauty and expressing yourself from your hotness.

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